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Combining technology and expertise for the best complete solution. Building a complete suite of detection, protection, and investigation capabilities.

Offering Consulting, Managed Defense, and Threat Intelligence services with the resources, partners and knowledge necessary to respond to and protect organizations against even the most advanced threats.


Obtaining situational awareness requires collaboration, information sharing, and a unified view of incident information.

We combine the needed systems, tools and services to provide the right Situational Awareness solution that bring your incident and operations data to life.

LI and

Assisting customers to put together the right LI and/or compliance solution. 

By putting together the right elements and optimizing the organisation we ensure that the solution is effective and to the point.



All the right tools and knowledge to ensure successful tactical operations.

We ensure that the tactical solutions is full circle and effective.


By having the full organizational overview and as much organizational awareness as possible optimizing your efforts gets possible. 

We combine the needed systems, tools and services to provide the right Organizational Awareness solution that provide the insight needed to make operations effective


Spectrum Analyzers
Telephone and Line Analyzers
Non-Linear Junction Detectors
Broadband Receivers
Sound Masking Systems

IMSI catcher detectors

TSCM Training

EM shielding

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